The First Presbyterian Church founded the Nursery School in 1952 in order to provide a non-sectarian program of early childhood education to children of members of the Church and the community. The Nursery School is a part of the Church as well as a part of the Church’s ministry to serve its members and the greater community.

The First Presbyterian Church Nursery School welcomes and celebrates all people as children of God. The school serves families of various configurations and different ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds as a reflection of the diversity and inclusiveness of the Church and greater community. In a school based on caring and respect for others, we recognize and are enriched by each person’s unique individuality. 

The First Presbyterian Church Nursery School is committed to nurturing students’ confidence, curiosity and passion for learning. Its program expands awareness and understanding of the world and builds independent thinking. The School strives to address children’s different learning styles and to develop each child’s potential by promoting individual exploration and group collaboration on projects of interest. The learning of basic skills occurs with targeted support from teachers, preparing students for the next step in their education.  This transition is supported by our faculty and administration.

Empathy and respect are promoted through daily interactions and extended relationships with peers and adults. Students are helped to discover their own abilities and appreciate the special qualities of others. As members of a diverse community, they learn to enjoy and value their religious and other differences, and to see the world from different perspectives.  The curriculum recognizes the importance of spiritual development and service that are hallmarks of the life of First Presbyterian Church.The strong sense of community that is engendered prepares our students to become responsible members of society.