Program & Philosophy

The Nursery School follows the progressive educational philosophy of “developmental interaction,” with inspiration from the Reggio Emilia preschools. The "Reggio approach" reminds us to look at children's competence and potential rather than their limitations.  Focusing on what children can do (instead of what they cannot do) leads to higher levels of thinking and performance. 

The program of integrated activities invites exploration, discussion, problem solving and creative expression. The classroom setting offers open-ended materials and possibilities for relationships and the growth that they foster. The program reflects our understanding of the importance of basic skills and information, respect for the different kinds of intelligence, and awareness of the many “languages” children use to learn and express the learning process. Experiencing individual differences becomes the driver for assimilating and accommodating new information, refining existing concepts, and developing an awareness of different perspectives.  Confidence, self-regulation and willingness to try something new are by-products of this approach to early education.

Children daily explore art, science, dramatic play,  blocks, books, storytelling, manipulatives--using a wide variety of materials, including natural and recycled objects. Experiences that occur during children’s conversations and play, or are introduced by teachers, provide starting points for extended investigations in directions determined by interest and opportunity.  Small group work with a teacher allows for deeper, more individualized exploration of a subject. Meetings with the whole group provide  opportunities to hear to each other’s thoughts and feelings, try out different points of view, and be part of the classroom community.