Typical Day

The schedule is largely the same from day to day in the school life of a FPCNS student.  The particular activities and subjects of interest change and emerge throughout the year.  The order of  each class’s schedule is different, as each group has its own time for music, movement, studio and the playground. However, all groups enjoy a similar range of activities:

Arrival and Greeting

Parents accompany children into the classrooms and may remain for a short time.


Who's here, who's not, news, discussion of schedule, work currently underway, plans for the day.

Work Time

Self-chosen, child-directed activities from a variety of materials and centers in the classroom.  Can include small group activities facilitated by a teacher, introducing or arising from class discussion of a topic.  Jobs such as such as feeding classroom pets, watering plants, cooking projects.  One-on-one work such as story dictation or skill-based learning.   Unstructured play and exploration using the areas and materials that are available every day. 


Children put away their work and help each other to store toys and materials for the next "work time".



In child-sized bathrooms with small toilets and low sinks adjoining each classroom. The younger children are helped by a teacher;  the older children can help themselves.

 Book Time

Children look at books, listen to stories read aloud..

 Outdoor Play

"Roof" (playground) time is part of the daily schedule unless it rains, when indoor play space is available. The roof has tricycles, wagons, balls, several kinds of big blocks, and a brand-new climber offering a variety of physical challenges and dramatic play opportunities.


The 2's and 2-3's dismiss from the classroom, the other classes dismiss downstairs.




Classroom/Ages         Hours                 Days                                             Tuition


Young 2s                    9:00-11:30          2 Mornings per week, T/F             $12,150

Older 2s/Young 3s     9:00-11:30          3 Mornings per week, M/W/Th      $16,350

Older 2s/Young 3s     1:00-3:30            3 Afternoons per week, M/W/Th   $16,350



3s                               9:00-11:30         5 Mornings per week, M-F             $19,900

Older 3s                     12:30-3:30         4 Afternoons per week, M-Th        $19,100



Young 4s                   8:45-11:45          5 Mornings per week, M-F             $22,600

                                  or Longer Day (8:45-2:15 M-Th, 8:45-1:15 F)           $27,500


BLUE ROOM            

Older 4s/5s               8:45-2:15 M-Th, 8:45-1:15 F                                      $27,500


An Early Drop-Off Program is available at 8:30am on Mondays through Fridays.

Extrended Day Programming is available on Mondays through Thursdays until 4:00pm for Yelliow and Blue Room children.